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Making public transportation systems that everybody wants to ride.

Active Transportation

Affordable urban environments that make active transportation safe and convenient.


Eliminating externalities related to climate change.


Data analysis that adds value to conversations.


Environmental assessments that are good for the environment.


Public involvement processes that adds meaningful information and result in better policy.


I thrive on projects which provide clear value to planet and the people it supports –
And where I can provide clear value to the project. My projects range from small one-off activities to leading complex, multi-year projects.

Technical Strategic
+ Leadership

Gas Works Park overlooking seattle skyline

Policy Analysis
+ Development

Iceland street with rainbow painted on the asphalt and bicycle gate

Technical Evaluation
+ Guidance

Ubahn train at station with bicycle cars and pictoral signage.

Such as

> Lead the Mobility Service Data Team for the California Integrated Travel Project –  Focused on getting transit providers and customers 'the information they deserve'.

> Initiated and work on the Mobility Data Interoperability Principles, a collaborativly-developed, industry-agreed upon vision, definition and direction for achieving interoperability in mobility with over 60 significant public- and private-signatories.

As in

> Evaluated current policy and develop approach to Transit Traveller Information on behalf of the California Integrated Travel Project.

> Appointed to and serve on the National Academies Committee for Data, Metrics, and Analytic Methods for Assessing Equity Impacts of Surface Transportation Funding Programs which will provide advice to US DOT measuring the equity impact of surface transportation funding programs in support of Executive Order 13985

For Example

> Serve on Peer Review Panels for FHWA, APTA, and Technical Advisory Committees for specific projects.

> Participate in the review and evaluation of many implementation activities of California's SB743 - the California law to replace Auto Level-of-Service (LOS) as a measure of environmental impact.

> Developed a clear bar for transit data quality with the California Minimum Transit Data Guidelines as part of Cal-ITP.


I also work on a variety of open-source software projects and open standards, which support more effective and efficient travel analysis at public agencies. I enjoy serving on these projects in a variety of roles including Technical Lead, Product Manager, Advisor, User Advocate, Client Stakeholder, and Developer - with experience in each role helping me better serve in another.

These projects include:


Metropolitan Transportation Commission
San Francisco County Transportation Authority
Ohio DOT
Sound Transit
Oregon DOT
California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP)
Metropolitan Council
National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)
American Public Transportation Association
California Association for Coordinated Transportation
University of California Davis



>> Principal

Elizabeth Sall loves making civic processes function better based on her combined experiences in software development, urban data analytics, data standards management and governance, public-sector management, and policy development with a variety of clients and needs. As a former public sector leader, she understands the day-to-day demands and realities of working in government and the challenges that make it difficult to innovate in order to provide a better user experience to the public.

Elizabeth complements her professional life with a variety of efforts related to international and local conservation, poverty alleviation, and global health (and particularly where these issues intersect) through vehicles such as impact investing, social entrepreneurship, board service on several organizations and connecting some dots where they need connecting. She has a particular passion for empowering local communities to affect (and hopefully control) their own destiny.

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